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Providing Equal Academic Opportunities for Everyone

Trinity offers Middle School, High School, Early College & Post Grad Opportunities

Middle School

Trinity International Middle School in Las Vegas, Nevada accepts students from Grades 6 to 8. Here, we place an emphasis on teaching students to become self-directed learners who make meaningful and deliberate choices on how to profit from their educational opportunities.

We believe that middle school students are influenced by their homes, communities, and societies. Hence, we challenge these students to live their lives in accordance with Christian values.

Our middle school teachers and coaches work to stimulate the spirit of inquiry, the acquisition of knowledge, and the thoughtful formation of goals. We believe that the school community is both an agent of appropriate change and a preserver of tradition.

By teaching students the core subjects of English (i.e. composition, grammar, and literature), Math, Science (with laboratory experiments), Social Sciences, Computer Technology, and Biblical principles, these objectives can be met. For students with advanced abilities in the field of Math, placement at a higher level will offer further challenges.

All Trinity International, middle school students are encouraged to become actively involved in the extracurricular activities offered to them throughout the school year.

High School

At Trinity High School Home of Trinity International School, we seek to guide students on their way toward graduation. These individuals are prepared for leadership not only because they are intellectually competent but also spiritually alive, open to growth, loving, and committed to serving the needs of others.

Our students are involved in a variety of classroom experiences that enhance their overall understanding of the world in which they live. To challenge them to prepare for life in both the classroom and the community, we encourage them to undertake group projects such as the Trinity Early College Program and community service.

Trinity students are engaged in more ways than simple paper-and-pencil examinations to meet the needs of an ever-changing society. Involvement in co-curricular activities, special events, and other programs is essential to our students’ complete education.

Early College

Students who have the desire and initiative to do well have an opportunity to graduate from high school while simultaneously earning up to 60 credits from a Nevada System of Higher Education Institution. These grades are fully transferable when moving to most four-year universities*. This is a tremendous advantage.

The TIS Early College program:

  • Makes higher education more accessible, affordable, and attractive by bridging the divide between high school and college

  • Utilizes educational dollars and time more effectively by eliminating classes duplicated between high school and college

  • Eliminates time wasted during the junior and senior years of high school and facilitates the transition of motivated students to higher education

  • Provides students with support and guidance from educators through the first 2 years of college

  • Demonstrates new ways of integrating levels of education to better serve the intellectual and developmental needs of young people

  • Improves high school experience for many students, bringing achievement and challenges

  • Upgrades high school learning

  • Offers courses not previously (or no longer) available in high school

  • Increases college entrance exam success

  • Increases college success

  • Saves money for students and their parents

  • Results in better overall education with less time or money

The value of the Trinity Early College program lies in its ability to offer such potential without compromising the memorable high school social experience. Along with the input and direction of the CSN faculty, each class is facilitated by a Trinity master teacher who is available at all times to offer assistance throughout the class period.

This is what Trinity considers a "wrap-around" system of education, which affords each child with the maximum amount of academic support. TEC students are Trinity students first and foremost and are encouraged to participate in any of the extracurricular activities that are offered.

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