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Providing Equal Academic Opportunities for Everyone

A Glimpse of the Activities That All Students Can Join

At Trinity High School Home of Trinity International School in Las Vegas, Nevada, all students are encouraged to join our different extracurricular activities. We believe that these also help in shaping future leaders to excel in their chosen fields.

Student Council

A student-run government is an important learning component at Trinity High School Home of Trinity International School. Those who are part of the council lead with Christian principles and assemble regularly to help plan and organize events and activities for the student body. They must bring an encouraging spirit to the school’s atmosphere and help all students to feel like they’re a part of the Trinity family.

Some of the events held by the student council are:

  • Back-to-School Night at Dave & Busters

  • TIS Talent Show

  • Spirit Week

  • Homecoming

  • Rainbow Rumble

  • Prom

Music Club

Teaching music is a unique and effective way to encourage and awaken the potential of the minds and hearts of the students. Throughout my teaching experience, I have learned that singing and performing gives students affirmation and confidence to succeed. It is a beautiful way to come together.

In addition, it offers an opportunity to provide an awareness of how music directly affects a young person’s interactions with society. I believe a teacher should always maintain an open and affirming communication with their students at all times. Together we can offer the inspirational knowledge of music to the community and each other by teaching, listening, creating, imagining, and doing.

- Mrs. Green

History Club

The Trinity History Club is open to all students attending the school. Its main goal is to bring together students with a passion for history and help them learn from each other’s ideas, experiences, and stories.


Trinity understands the importance of athletics when it comes to developing students with leadership skills, building character and creating bonds with fellow teammates.








Friday, January 20th @ 3:00pm

Friday, January 27th @ 2:20pm

Friday, February 3rd @ 3:00pm

Friday, February 10th @ 2:20pm SENIOR NIGHT


Our chapel at Trinity High School Home of Trinity International School is important for our students to learn and grow in the presence of God. We help develop students spiritually, emotionally, physically, and academically through Christ and with Christ-like love and understanding.

Students are motivated to worship the Lord and learn about Him from other students and faculty members. Meetings among the campus chaplain, faculty, administration, and student body are held at the chapel once a week for 50 minutes. With this, we aim for Trinity International to become a school in which students from various backgrounds and cultures come to study, play, and pray together as one family.

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